Welcome to the Smithville Elementary Reads! Wiki!

We'll be using this wiki to share book recommendations with one another. To submit a recommendation, please complete this online form, or pick up a recommendation card in the library or front office!

Click here to see an alphabetical list of book reviews.

Here are a few tips about writing a book recommendation:
  • Only recommend a book IF you've read it, and IF you liked it!
  • Think about who would like this book (for example, 3rd graders, soccer players, people who like to be scared, girls, etc.)
  • Tell a little bit about the book, but don't give away the ending
  • Tell why you liked it (for example, it was funny, it made me cry, I was surprised by the ending)
  • Tell about other books you've read that are like this one

Good luck with your recommendations, and be sure to see Mrs. G. if you need help!